LOAD energy drink now on sale in South Africa, Cape Town Lately
LOAD energy drink now on sale in South Africa, Cape Town Lately

LOAD – New energy drink hits SA

Getting loaded has never been healthier with the introduction of an exciting new energy drink into the South African market.

LOAD Luxury energy drink brings a new luxurious taste to the aggressively medicinally flavoured and obviously branded energy drinks available to consumers in South Africa.

LOAD is a sophisticated, superior quality product which appeals to the higher end of the market and this is already evident in the caliber of retailer that is stocking LOAD. Load brings for a healthier delicious product into the energy drinks market as an alternative to the existing offerings.

LOAD is developed using predominantly organic ingredients, with less sugar and only 12% synthetic caffeine as opposed to the usual 30% to 80% in traditional energy drinks. This ensures a smooth release of energy and supports oral rehydration with the inclusion of minerals and vitamins. It is beneficial to all needs in equal parts, whether sporting, leisure or fatigue, the real magic is in the taste.

While all sports drinks provide energy, not all energy drinks provide the health benefits that LOAD does, successfully bridging the gap between the two, neatly wrapped up in uber-desirable packaging.
Cheaper, synthetic caffeine packed energy drinks have had a bad reputation in the market through the media so it is heartening to see the introduction of products which have been developed more mindfully, starting with Schechter’s energy drink and to some extent BOS energy drink, off the back of their successful iced Rooibos tea range. LOAD Luxury Energy drink joins these trailblazers with a far more aggressive retail footprint.

The packaging design too, is a nod to class and success with a step and repeat logo of a silver crown set on white aluminium with a subtle allusion to the flavour inside using colour ghosting of the logo and type. A far cry from the brightly branded offering from competitors, LOAD epitomises understated luxury.

LOAD energy drink now on sale in South Africa, Cape Town Lately

LOAD is unexpectedly sophisticated in its notes. It is well balanced and super refreshing without leaving a sticky aftertaste and a racing heart. Their current offering is of two delicious flavours – Crisp Apple and Crisp Cranberry which are authentic and exquisitely delicate. This flavor profile gives consumers the opportunity to drink LOAD as a replacement to traditional soft drinks or alcoholic cocktails, or as an addition – Sparkling Crisp Cranberry Cosmo? Yes, Please.

Deliberately positioned in the luxury sector of FMCG, LOAD comes at a premium price point but delivers the goods to justify it.

LOAD is a product in the Zulubillionz Beverages which is a company set up to specialise in producing only high end beverages.

LOAD is currently available in two flavours: Crisp Apple and Crisp Cranberry, and costs R29.99 at retail outlets.



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