McCain helps Lungelwa surprise her grandmother, Cape Town Lately
McCain helps Lungelwa surprise her grandmother, Cape Town Lately

McCain helps Cape Town schoolgirl thank her grandmother

McCain helped Lungelwa, a scholar at Zonnerbloem Nest High School, prepare a special meal as a token of thanks to her grandmother, who has played an important role in her life.

McCain South Africa has been focused on helping children say thank you to their moms for all the little things they do for us that mean everything. Moms are the unsung heroes of our everyday lives, they always know exactly what to do or say to make us feel better and will always make a plan to provide for us. In many families, mom is not necessarily someone who has given birth to you, mom is that mother figure who is always there, she could be a sister, an aunt or even a grandmother. McCain recently helped Lungelwa, a grade 8 learner at Zonnerbloem Nest High School in Cape Town surprise her grandmother with a special meal.

McCain helps Lungelwa surprise her grandmother, Cape Town LatelyThe McCain met Lungelwa during one of their school activations where she had written an essay about her grandmother. The story both touched and inspired the McCain team and they knew they had to help surprise this caring, selfless grandmother.

Lungelwa’s mom passed away a few years ago leaving her and her little brother seemingly alone, until her grandmother stepped in the role of mom. “It was such a shock and we really just didn’t know what was going to happen to us. We are so lucky to have our granny. She took us in and made sure we had everything we needed,” says Lungelwa. Things haven’t always been easy for the family, Yoliswa works incredibly hard to provide for Lungelwa and her brother and encourages them both to study hard at school. “For her education is key, she has tried to instil this in us and makes sure that we do well in school. She inspires me so much and I just want to make her and my mom proud,” says Lungelwa.

Lungelwa was incredibly excited when the McCain team called her and told her that they were going to help set up the surprise. The team together with Lungelwa and her uncle planned the surprise. They found the perfect spot, a rooftop venue overlooking the whole of Cape Town. The table was set outside in the sunshine and the view just made the surprise even more spectacular. Lungelwa and the McCain chef spent the morning cooking up her grandmother’s favourite dish, roast chicken with McCain Stir Fry vegetables and McCain Mashed Potatoes. The big moment finally arrived and Lungelwa went to fetch her granny and brought her to the beautiful table where their delicious lunch was served. Her grandmother couldn’t believe that all of this had been done specially for her, the look on her face at that moment was priceless.

McCain helps Lungelwa surprise her grandmother, Cape Town LatelyBut the surprise was not over. McCain had helped Lungelwa create a special one of a kind plate for her granny with a heartfelt message which the food was served on. As Yoliswa ate her meal the message was revealed, “I love you granny. Thank you for everything you have done for me and my little brother”.

“Today was incredible and I feel so loved and special. Things have been really hard since my daughter passed away but Lungelwa and her little brother are such blessings. Lungelwa has said that she wanted to make me proud one day, but she already does that every single day. I know that her mom is proud of her as well and is watching down on us all and smiling. All I can say is thank you for doing this for me” says Yoliswa

McCain would like to encourage you to thank your mom for all the little things she does for you that mean everything. This doesn’t have to be a huge gesture, it could be as simple as cooking a meal, making her a cup of tea or just giving her a hug and saying thank you.

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