Blogger Shana Genever, Cape Town Lately
Blogger Shana Genever, Cape Town Lately

My Cape Town Story: Blogger Shana Genever

Cape Town Lately’s Gareth Duncan chats to blogger Shana Genever, well-known for “Just A Hoe With Babies”, who has now launched her new blog “Into A Housewife”.

Tell us a bit about you.

I started Just a Hoe with Babies at the end of 2014. I was in a bad space, emotionally and physically. I had just given birth to my second child, and moved back into a room in my parents’ house. I felt like a failure. I also didn’t have many friends who could relate to me. Everyone seemed to be moving forward and I was self sabotaging by having babies and moving to my mom. So I thought to myself ‘this can’t be all that there is to my life. I need to tell someone my story’. So I wrote my first blog about going to my son’s creche concert, and even though I just did it to see if anyone would be interested, moms from all over the world responded to me with positivity… Something I have never really experienced from other women before.

Why the decision to let go of Just A Hoe With Babies?

That phase of my life ended when my ex-boyfriend died. The “hoe” character was very inspired by my relationship with him. He made me feel like i was actually nothing more than a whore, who had children from different men. I thought that defined me. but, through taking the journey with the persona, I grew into the person I am now.

What is your new blog all about?

My new blog is called “Into a Housewife”, [get it? Because you can’t turn a hoe into a housewife]. It is exactly that. It is me chronicling my new journey as a wife, mother and stay-at-home executive.


Shana Genever, Cape Town Lately
Shana Genever, Cape Town Lately

What message/s do you hope to express during this new journey?

That things change. Everything is constantly changing, and there is hope for anyone who is willing to take the first step to a better existence.

Also, I want people to know that you aren’t defined by who you sleep with. The only thing that determines who you are, is who you choose to be.

What can your readers look forward to in terms of content and perspective?

Just the truth. That is all.

As a mom, what did you make of the Spur incident that leaked on to social media?

It definitely irked me, but not for the reasons other people had. I didn’t think it was a racist incident. I certainly felt like the man was an abusive type, but I think South Africans always shout racism as soon as people from different races disagree.

Any exciting collaborations you’re planning?

Yes, quite a few actually, but I would like to keep it as a suprise!

Shana Genever, Cape Town Lately
Shana Genever, Cape Town Lately

You’re running a few charities… tell us more about your drive?

“Just a Hoe with Babies” is a campaign based on the blog, that highlights the struggle of single parents in Cape Town, South Africa. Besides the stigma that faces many mothers who have been left to fend for their children on their own, the rising cost of food, shelter and other everyday amenities leaves mothers [and many times, single fathers] in an awful predicament.

This Fundraiser aims to raise money to employ these men and women, and also donate to the families who only have one adult income. We plan to be completely transparent and once the set amount is raised, find as many families as we can and give them money, food and any other possible donations as a head start.

Also, the long term goal is starting an actual established organisation that gives single mothers the opportunity to study short courses to better their standard of living. Another goal is the creation of a website that serves as a forum for single parents to connect, as well as a news hub to educate disadvantaged parents who would otherwise not have access to healthcare and information.

There is a lack of many things on the Cape Flats. There is a need for proper medical facilities, food, clothes and other luxuries afforded to those of us who have been dealt a better hand. If everyone just donated R100 a month to this cause, we can help make a difference. This means less poverty, less hunger, less suffering.

What goals have you set yourself for 2017 and beyond?

Personally? I want to be a good mother, wife and christian. Professionally, I just want to educate through my writing and see where it takes me.



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