Beyonce copied Single Ladies dance, Cape Town Lately
Beyonce copied Single Ladies dance, Cape Town Lately

VIDEO: Beyonce copied Single Ladies dance?

Internet users around the world were dumbfounded as a viral video exposed the fact that Beyonce’s famous Single Ladies dance sequence is not original.


We all know the jam… the one that has found all females empowered to be single and in the club. Then there’s the fact that the dance in the music video has been emulated by many – even men – as seen below.

However, a recent viral video around Future’s Mask Off has raised serious questions around the originality of the Single Ladies dance.


And upon closer inspection, you then realise that the entire Single Ladies dance was copied from the original video.

Don’t believe me? Watch below.

Now yes, Beyonce fans will say that the choreographer is responsible for the dance concepts, but the global icon should take responsibility for the work put out on her name.




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